Seasoned With Love Engraved Tablet and Recipe Stand


Our laser engraved acacia stands make beautiful and personal gift ideas in amazing detail!


Feel free to customise our designs with any extra information such as a "from" note, names, dates, etc. Even if you want something comletely unique, we have a "design your own" stand for just that!


If you require any personalised information then keep an eye on your email (including junk folder) as we will send you a proof before we commence manufacture. If you don't require any personal information and would like the board as it appears, no proof will be sent.


NOTE-All stands are engraved and not printed. Please read the additional information.

Seasoned With Love

  • Acacia Stand Dimensions:

    245mm x 175mm x 10mm


    Each stand is individually unique and they all have their own markings. Please note that colours will vary from stand to stand.  The engraving process is a burning process and each type of wood burns differently depending on the hardness and age of the wood.  This means that each stand could burn differently and have varying depths and colour of burn.


    Care Instructions: Should be treated with food approved oil now and then. Handwash only. Not dishwasher-safe. 


    Please allow 3 - 5 days for manufacturing.