Design Your Own Board.(custom board)


Large discounts apply to wholesale quantities. To find out more please contact us directly. 


For small quantities, either add the details you want included in the box provided or alternatively send us an email to with any logo's or pictures you want included. Then, keep an eye on your email (including junk folder) as we will send you a proof before we commence manufacture.


2 Acacia boards to choose from. Just choose the board you prefer from the drop down menu.

NOTE-All boards are engraved and not printed. Please read the additional information.


Add a stand to your shopping cart and have the ability to display your board and utilise it as a recipe/ipad holder too!

Design Your Own

  • We offer the following three different sizes and shapes.
    Square Paddle Board - 385 x 260mm
    Rectangular Paddle Board Board - 470 x 170mm

    Rectangular Serving Board - 550 x 150mm


    Each board is individually unique and they all have their own markings. Please note that colours will vary from board to board.  The engraving process is a burning process and each type of wood burns differently depending on the hardness and age of the wood.  This means that each board will burn differently and have varying depths and colour of burn.


    Care Instructions: Should be treated with food approved oil now and then. Handwash only. Not microwave-safe. Not oven-safe. Not dishwasher-safe. Not for stove-top use.

    Please allow 3 - 5 days for manufacturing.