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Here you can find out all the information you will need if you're considering opening a Doterra account to SAVE 25% on everything oils!! (Including our Megaboxes)


Why dōTERRA Essential Oils?

I choose doTERRA essential oils because I know they are grown and harvested carefully and ethically around the world. I love the way they smell and all the health benefits that come from using the oils.

Since I began my doTERRA journey, I haven’t looked back. I have saved money on cleaning products, medications, herbs and spices, bath and beauty products and vitamins and supplements. They also last for AGES! They are so potent, you only need a drop or two to benefit from them.


How To Use Essential Oils Safely

There are 3 ways to use Essential Oils safely:


Aromatically – which is inhaling the essential oils either through a diffuser, straight from the bottle, or a drop in the palm of your hand.


Additional aromatic uses For Essential Oils Include:

  • Apply oil to a cotton ball and place in the air vents of your vehicle

  • Mix oils in a spray bottle with water and mist over furniture, carpet, or linens

  • Add oil to a batch of laundry or to dryer sheets

  • Use in household surface cleaners


Topically – dilute the essential oil with your favourite carrier oil and use for massage and rub directly onto the skin.


Beneficial Areas You Can Apply Essential Oils

  • Neck

  • Forehead and temples

  • Chest and abdomen

  • Arms, legs, bottom of feet

Other Effective Methods of Topical Application 

  • Add a few drops of oil to a warm bath

  • Make a hot or cold compress by soaking a towel or cloth in water, adding essential oils, and then applying to the desired area

  • Add oil to a lotion or moisturiser and then apply to skin

Sensitive Areas to be Avoided:

  • Some facial areas, such as the skin around the eyes

  • Eyes and inner ears

  • Broken, damaged, or otherwise injured skin


Food Additive – most of dōTERRA’s beautiful essential oils are used for culinary purposes and as a food additive to enhance the flavours of dishes. Using Essential Oils as a food additive is effective because when ingested, the oils enter the blood stream via the gastrointestinal tract  where they are transported throughout the rest of the body.


Effective Methods of Internal Application 

  • Use oils in recipes for cooking or baking to replace fresh or dried herbs and spices

  • Remember that essential oils are much more potent than dried or fresh herbs and spices, so start with a very small amount

  • For more potent oils, it may be better to administer them by toothpicks (dip the end of a clean toothpick into the oil and then add to the food) rather than drops

  • Add essential oils to water, smoothies, milk, tea, or other drinks

  • Add a small amount of essential oils to yoghurt


The Benefits of Opening a dōTERRA Wholesale Account

  • You get 25% off the RRP – all products, all the time! 

  • There is a one off enrolment fee of $35 for the 1st year, which dōTERRA absorb when you purchase one of their great value kits (see below). And renewing after the 1st year costs only $25, which dōTERRA also absorbs by giving you a free 15ml bottle of peppermint oil! This company has extremely high standards, as well as being incredibly generous.

  • There is no requirement for a minimum order ($ value or how often you order).

  • Your membership with dōTERRA automatically gives you your own personal website to help you share these oils (if you wish).  The website is set up and maintained by dōTERRA. No work for you! You earn 25% profit on the purchases made by retail customers who purchase from your site.

  • dōTERRA creates your own personal virtual internet office site to place your orders. Ordering is easy and there is always someone to call (a real voice) to ask for help if you need it.

Join Nicole's Essential Oils Team 

Why pay more for your oils when you can save a massive 25% off RRP by registering for a wholesale account.  This is the smartest way to buy dōTERRA essential oils and is as easy as a few quick steps:

1)  Go to;

2)  Click on ‘Join and Save’ at the top of the page.

3)  Select your preferred language and ‘Australia’ as your shipping destination (or whichever country you reside in).

4)  Select ‘Wholesale Customer’ or;

5)  Select ‘Wellness Advocate’ if you would like to share dōTERRA with others and supplement / replace your income.

6)  Complete the ‘About You’.  Your ‘Sponsor ID’ (Nicole Duong) should already be auto-filled but if not, the correct ID number is 3288560.

7)  Choose your Enrolment Kit.  Alternatively, you can select the $35 enrolment fee and individually choose which oils you would like to order, however the kits are by far the best value as they are further discounted below wholesale prices and membership is FREE.  

8)  Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order, which is a totally optional rewards program for regularly ordering (see below for more information).


The Loyalty Rewards Program 

The best value offered by dōTERRA is by activating the free Loyalty Rewards Program as part of your wholesale membership. With this monthly purchase program, dōTERRA rewards you for your commitment to their products by providing incredible additional benefits. 


It is the most intelligent way to order.

Starting at 10%, and going up to a very generous 30%, you earn product credits on your purchases, which you can redeem for a small administration fee.

Place your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order totalling 125PV or more, shipped before the 15th of the month and you get a free oil, called the Product of the Month or POM.  This oil varies each month and it is a terrific way to help you build up your oil collection.

PV – what is this?

dōTERRA place a point value or PV on every product they sell, to help create a common ground and product value since they are a global company covering many varied countries and currencies. 

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