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non-permanent, high quality,

high resolution, decorative stickers for TM31, TM5 & TM6

Koala Fund Raiser5.jpg

Adelaide Koala Rescue provides a free, volunteer based rescue service to the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills area. 


In December 2019, the Adelaide Hills bushfires created the need to establish an Emergency Triage Centre to cater for the influx of burnt, displaced and orphaned Koalas. This period was also very hot and dry so Koalas suffering from heat and dehydration also strained our infrastructure. 


Once the smoke settles, we need to plan for the future. Habitat for our rescue Koalas that currently have nothing to return to. Assisting Revegetation of properties, and establishing a permanent AKR centre including hospital and rehabilitation faculties.

We want to do our part too - Please purchase one of these koala decals and $5.00 from each and every decal will go directly to this charity. TM6, TM5 and TM31 available.

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